Alien Survival Shooter 2022


Alien Survival Shooter 2022 is an exciting shooting game. Your mission is to shoot down all alien enemies in the arena within the designated time.

In this game, you have to find out and kill all alien enemies that want to invade our Earth. You can drive your car to go faster. The mini-map on the left top of the screen allows you to know where your opponents are. Try to run as fast as possible if you are attacked by your rivals. Don’t forget to pay attention to your blood statistic on the left bottom of the screen. If it reaches zero, you will die. Keep in mind that the number of bullets is limited, so attempt to shoot down your enemies with as less bullets as possible. You can change the guns when necessary. The time is limited, so you have to be fast. The game is over If you can't defeat all alien enemies before time's up. Do your best to sweep all alien invaders before the time is over to get a victory and a lot of experience points.

This game features 100 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Try your best to complete all of them to protect our Earth from alien invaders. Come on! The destiny of the Earth is in your hands.

Features of Alien Survival Shooter 2022

  • Many outfits to select
  • 100 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Simple controls
  • Captivating 3D visuals and realistic sound effects

How to play

Press WASD keys to move

Press a SPACEBAR to jump or brake

Press a SHIFT key to run

Press the right mouse button to aim

Press the left mouse button to shoot

Press a R key to reload

Press 1-2-3-4 keys to change the gun

Press an I to open inventory